Recent Success Stories

These projects, all completed within the last twelve months, highlight the varied research methodologies that we employ to provide the results you need.   We customize each research project based upon your objectives and budget.

Due Diligence TELEPHONE INTERVIEWS with Ophthalmic surgeons and Ophthalmologists

An investment banking firm was interested in possibly acquiring a small medical device company with an innovative product.   However, the company had minimal sales to date, and our client wanted to get a more accurate assessment of the true market potential for this acquisition target.   Our professionals conducted a series of in depth telephone interviews with eye care physicians who are both potential and current users of this product.  Based upon the results from our probing, executive interviewing style, the investment firm went ahead with the acquisition—with a realistic appraisal of future product sales from an unbiased research firm.

Healthcare MEETING FORUM with industry thought leaders

At a major meeting of professionals from the EMS industry segment, Mr. David Hoyle, President of Research Options, led a two hour long discussion about hot topics and pressure points currently effecting practitioners in this segment.  Mr. Hoyle split the attendees into smaller groups that worked on solutions to these problems.  Research Options then worked with its communications partner to develop a white paper on these meeting proceedings.  The white paper was then sent free of charge by our client to an exhaustive list of industry professionals as a value added service and sales opener.

TELECONFERENCE discussion groups with vascular surgeons

A mid-market manufacturer of products for vascular surgery was considering investing in one of two products currently on the market—one in Europe, one in the U.S.  A series of teleconference focus groups were held with vascular surgeons in both the U.S. and Europe.  The groups included both users and non-users of the products in question.  After having received the feedback from these groups, the client company was able to make the product acquisition decision in a much more informed manner.

In person FOCUS GROUPS with consumers of child-bearing age

A healthcare technology incubator was considering additional investment in a service concept.  The concept is for a service to be provided to women at the time of childbirth to enhance infant health and well-being.  Although the concept, backed by strong scientific research and study, would appear to positively impact the health of newborns; the company was unsure how receptive women of childbirth age would be to this novel service concept.

Three in person focused discussion groups with women of childbirth age were conducted.  The women were from disparate income, age and racial backgrounds.  The results of these groups provided invaluable insights for the client company as they made important decisions about investing further in this technology.