Focus Groups

We have moderated over 400 Focus Groups and bring together some of the finest research talent in the industry to address the concerns of those of you in organizations wishing to sell into these potentially lucrative, yet difficult and changing marketplaces.


Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys are obviously the best choice with an audience relatively uncomfortable with the internet, such as senior citizens. When cost-savings is important, telephone surveys also save on travel time, and they are very effective when the surveytaker must redirect the survey based on each response.


Internet Surveys

The internet has become a key tool to reach and gather information from executives and healthcare professionals. Our reports include graphic representations of responses where applicable, as well as detailed writeups explaining results.

In Depth Interviews

Whether physicians, clinicians, or manufacturers, Research Options can identify and contact the key persons you need to reach. Our interviewing techniques are thorough, and many interviewees praise us for our sensitivity to the demands on their time.


Convention Surveys

Research Options attends conventions around the world for our clients, utitlizing the opportunity to meet them in a friendly environment other than their business offices. Whether exhibit booth surveys, personal surveys, or private room surveys, Research Options can gather the information needed.


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