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Invisalign treatment in Virginia Beach

The obsession with having a beautiful smile has driven the dentistry industry into investing and innovating many proper dental treatment techniques and technology. One of the many includes Invisalign treatment. Simply put, Invisalign is an advanced form of conventional braces that use clear tray aligners. They work by putting just as enough pressure on specific parts of your teeth to move them into a better position steadily. The aligner trays are replaced every one or two weeks. And as the treatment proceeds, you will be fitted with differently shaped aligner trays in order to move your teeth slowly into the position and shape you feel strongly confident about.

Generally, before you consider starting an Invisalign treatment, you will be required to consult with your dentist. They will first assess your Health, take impressions of your mouth and check your smile before deciding on the appropriate procedure to follow.

Benefits of Invisalign

While Invisalign treatment is known to be somehow costly, its associated benefits are far more worth the dime spent. The price of putting a beautiful smile on is simply priceless, and once you get it, it lasts a lifetime.

The benefits of Invisalign treatment are as follows.

It takes less time to complete treatment, while normal brace treatment takes longer. Invisalign treatment takes a shorter amount of time before you get the smile you crave for. Ideally, a single treatment takes close to 12 to 18 months, but results can be seen in a matter of a few months prior to the first treatment. On average, some patients may start seeing results from 6 months after the first treatment.

Treatment time may vary from patient to patient because result preferences are not equally the same. These different results take different periods to achieve.

Some other important factors/benefits to consider include:

  • Age – the time taken to straighten your teeth varies depending on the age of the patients. Invisalign treatment in adults takes longer than in younger people because of varied jaw hardness.
  • Compliance with treatment – how you follow the treatment plan greatly influences the time of your treatment. Considering the time used and the cost of this treatment, it is advisable to stick to the schedule for better and faster results.
  • Easy to remove when cleaning your teeth or eating- You can easily remove the Invisalign trays from your teeth whenever you want to eat or clean them. Once you are done, sticking them back does not require you to go back to your dentist, but a little pressure applied fits them back in.
  • Gradually moves your teeth, hence comfortable- Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign trays are designed to move your teeth into position steadily. This way, you do not have to feel any pressure on your jaws that would otherwise make you feel uncomfortable.
  • They are transparent and almost invisible, unlike conventional braces- Invisalign trays are made to be near invisible, and this makes them less conspicuous. So you have less to worry about people noticing them when you smile. While there is no shame in people seeing them, many patients prefer keeping the treatment to themselves.
  • Require fewer visits to the dentist- You will only need to visit your dentist only once a month for a few adjustments and examinations. You will be fitted with a different Invisalign set with varied tray shapes from the previous one. This is done to help force movement and new teeth positions.